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Community Contests Rules, DIY & Questions

Everyone is able to challenge someone else into a LEGO-brick-buildoff! Be clear when you start a new topic to what rules you want your contestants to keep themselves, contest duration et cetera. In doubt? Ask an admin or moderator!
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Community Contests Rules, DIY & Questions

Post by JackBrick »

So you have browsed here into the Community Contests board and maybe you are wondering how to start. Okay! Let me get you up to speed!

:!: Rules for the Community contest board
To keep things a bit competitive, and to make sure that your contest is actually played, we have made up a few rules for the Community Contests:
  1. Open contests have a maximum of 3 simultaneously
  2. If your contest is done, approach The team to close your contest topics. Talk-topics can stay open for a while after the contest is finished!
  3. Your contest concept must be original opposed to the current open contests
  4. Contest concepts are not "yours", if you have created a cool concept others may start a contest with the same concept, ofcourse with credits mentioned
  5. If you organize a third edition of a contest, please refer in the title to this fact with something like "III" or "three" in the title
  6. Keep it playful: handing out rewards that actually cost you money is not nescesarry, we can contest for the fun of creativity!
  7. Respect and protect eachothers anonymity by not starting a contest about selfies or anything

Contest-topic the topic where you will explain your contest, and contesters can add their attempts to win via the reply-option. The titel is the name of the contest.
Contest-talktopic a second topic, titled exactly the same as your contest-topic, but with the additive "talk" in the title. A place where we all can talk freely about (the awesomeness of) your contest.
Contest-votetopic a third topic you create including a poll and an overview of your contestants' submissions. By doing so you let the community decide on who wins your contest!

:idea: DIY: Do It Yourself

1. Think of something what could be a proper challenge
You can figure out all sorts of things, like "Wo gets to the real Barstow first! Send a selfie", but that would be kind of a hard challenge. So you have to deal with the constraints of being a digital community member, and challenge your contestants in a way they are actually able to compete. Just to throw you a spitball, here are some contest concepts for you to trigger your ideation. (or to just copy into a contest. Your efforts to facilitate the contest are highly appreciated!) And please, do not hesitate to think of something which is not listed yet!
  • Guess the set - You post a fragment of a LEGO set cover photo, up to your contestants to guess the set!
  • Instant Build-off contest - You post within a photo a few pieces, up to your contestants to try and make something awesome with only those pieces, they submit by posting a photo of their construction (colors may vary, or not!)
  • BrickBuild-contest with a theme you choose - For instance, "new 4-wide lego car", "80's style lego car", "City pavement design" et cetera
  • Brickbuild a logo - choose some logo from wherever and let the community brick it! Best bricker wins!
  • For the PhotoBrickers - Less about the object, more about the best way to dress up a LEGO picture!
  • Themed dressup - For instance, "Beach day contest!" the one with the best dressed minifigure wins
  • Microbuild contest - "build this specific thingy from this specific photo in something less than specifically X brick high!"[8]...
2. Be clear about the constraints
In your Contest-topic you want to be christal clear about things like:
  • Start- and end date for the contest (make sure you pick a date for an end date where you have the time to really end it!)
  • Rewards. Fame and glory always! But maybe you have a skill (for instance, photoshop) which you could use to create a reward. Maybe a signature banner so your contest winner(s) get to dress up while browsing the community. Or you promise a shoutout on your Instagram with the winning picture, or promise to put your sigfig in his underpants in your next LEGO video. Preferrably stay away from everything that would cost you actually money though, you can, but the full responsability is yours.
  • Always mention the goal of your contest-topic and if you can, add a link to your contest-talktopic so your contestants will not be freaked by all those comments. You can always ask The team for help!
To get you started, here is the minimum you could dress up your contest-topic with to set some constraints. Copy this and paste it into your contest topic (first post):

Code: Select all

[size=150][b]<CONTEST NAME HERE>[/b][/size]
[b]Start date:[/b] DD-MM-YYYY
[b]End date:[/b] DD-MM-YYYY
[b]Reward:[/b] Fame, glory!

[b]How this contest works[/b] <INSERT EXPLANATION>

Offcourse this is something like a minimum, you can add a nice picture as a banner and offcourse if you need a picture to explain your concept you can add that aswell!

3. Be democratic
Not related to political preference. You could choose a winner yourself, but... why?! There is a lot more respect to earn if you are not the jury of your own challenge. Use our voting system instead! You can always ask The team for help!

:?: Questions
Everything you want to ask the team about the community contests you can ask here! Just use that reply-button, don't worry, click it as hard as you possibly can: if you break it an admin will fix it quickly. :mrgreen:

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