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Brickstow City

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Re: Brickstow City

Post by JackBrick »

Mama'sBricks wrote: Wed May 27, 2020 11:51 am (...) I hope you can pick the right area to keep all the things going! (...)
So, you've said this... This is were it shrunk to now:

It was a massive emotional rollercoaster to decide what should go into boxes, and what could stay. @Bricksterdam gave me a nice tip, stating it is more original to keeps mocs and store away the modulars-we-see-everywhere for now.

So this is from left to right my Central Perk moc, my sigfig house, my 3-in-1 modular mod with a coffee shop and a moc which is still work-in-progress.

I have something big in mind for the new layout after the renovation is done, I will go more into detail to that later!

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Re: Brickstow City

Post by Bricksterdam »

Very curious what you have planned. And the Parisian can give you some space to MOC a new building while your other sets are boxed up before the renovation is finished :lol:
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