The Extravagant Big'Juicy Explosive Vidiyo Gossip Topic

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The Extravagant Big'Juicy Explosive Vidiyo Gossip Topic

Post by Bricksterdam »

First of all, a big thank you to @Mama'sBricks for talking about this in the livestream today with Adorabuild

First: what do we know officially?
- There's a collab between LEGO and Universal Music that will bring products in 2021

What's the juice?
In February/March we'll get a new theme named Vidiyo:
- 43101(11pcs) $4.99 might be a wave of figures like CMF's or the Super Mario mini builds
-43102-43107 (71-84 pcs) $19.99 might be similar to the friends cubes with musicians in different styles (rapper, DJ (is that a musician?), rock etc.) each containing a 2x2 tile for a music album playable in an app like hidden side where you get album art, create choreographies for digital figure and further 3d visuals. Reports are contradicting if it's normal figures or minidolls. Rumour is they start with 80s-90s music (so AFOL orientated?) before moving to more recent music.

Later, bigger sets will also follow like a stage or big radio build.

Sources for the juice: insta users wink.leakz and lego_leaks_2021 and whatever was mentioned in the stream this afternoon ;)

I'm really curious for the theme, although I think the prices are really high based on pieces, because you probably have to buy the music as well. Not sure how I feel about that being all about indie music :lol:

Sarcasm is my oxygen :mrgreen:
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