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October = Halloween month at!

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Re: October = Halloween month at!

Post by Bricksterdam »

Thanks @Klemmbaustelle

Really nice touch what you've done!

And regarding photography, unfortunately my proper camera broke down 2 weeks before Halloween and I had to use my phone, this didn't help me this time with showing the build. But other than that, good (natural) lighting is really what makes or breaks a picture. A small lamp can make a big difference is what I've learned.

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Re: October = Halloween month at!

Post by JackBrick »

With this guy above me regarding the lighting tip @Klemmbaustelle ! You've made a very good Halloweenish composition, full of things to see and enjoy! Not into Halloween myself, other than getting a bit infected (zombie joke) by the Halloween-focus from Bricksterdam! :lol:

Stumbled upon this lego mold allthough all of our stuff is stored away due to home renovations, thought I'd share :mrgreen:

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