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Rules concerning leaks

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Rules concerning leaks

Post by Bricksterdam »

Hi everybody,

A few days ago there was a post with pictures that could get us in trouble and we have taken it down. To clarify for all members what's allowed we added rules concerning leaks:
Posting leaks is not allowed
Although we are an independant community, we do not want to get in a legal battle with LEGO and/or parties with licensed properties. This is just a hobby for us. For this reason it is NOT allowed to post any leaked pictures (from social media like Instagram for example) on the forum. We know these exist, Brickstow is just not the place to spread them. Posts containing leaks will be removed quickly.

However, you can post pictures of unreleased sets if:
- LEGO has made an oficial announcement and released pictures,
- You made a picture yourself from a set that was up for sale in a store or you have bought the set from a regular retailer,
- You spotted the pictures on the website of a(n online) retailer. It's also ok if another LEGO fansite has discovered pictures this way. We do however prefer links instead of posting pictures in this case. And of course mentioning your source is always required.

We trust everybody will follow these, if you have any questions you can contact me or @JackBrick

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