2020 Give-away Contest - YouTube target!

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2020 Give-away Contest - YouTube target!

Post by JackBrick »


Target of 1010 YouTube subscribers not yet reached

What you can win
Everything you see in the picture will be send to the winner:
  1. LEGO 21319 Central Perk minifigures with their figure items, stickers and sticker tiles (LEGO store exclusive)
  2. LEGO BRICKHEADZ set Donald Duck 101 (LEGO store exclusive)
How it works
BOOST our subscriber count by telling about youtube.com/c/jackbrick to all your A/TFOL friends online and offline!

When we reach the target
We will upload a video after the target is reached. That video will tell you how to make sure you are in the draw stack of subscribers!

Make sure you can win!
When you are not subscribed yet, make sure you do! Good to know: you actually need to watch content for your subscription to stay as a subscription! Otherwise Youtube's algorithm will desubscribe you after a few days. ;)