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Brick-a-sign! Show your signs!

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:50 am
by JackBrick
:noface: Time for all of us to expose our own self bricked signs! Are you also as enthousiastic as I am about dressing up your city scene, modular moc or mod with some custom brick-build texts? It is something I really can dissapear in, which is a positive effect for me - everything dissapears into the background when I have a seat to do some sign designing. The challenge of working with the really small bricks, combined with creating shapes which are "close enough" to suggest being a letter to the max... Our minds work brilliantly in that way, have you ever thought about that? Shapes that do not approach our societal consensus about for instance the "K" we still automatically interpretate as a K because our brains are able to work with the context such a shape is positioned in. It is like a three-year old can identify a banana-shaped magnet on the refridgerator door as a magnet instantly.. And that is how I rationalise totally away from the topic. So sorry, small sidestep. :mrgreen:

Back to those bricked signs. I have lost myself as described since the start of Brickstow city way to few times into this, but we did allready made a video about this topic. A nice thing to throw up in this opening post, isn't it?

Share your self made signs here! And feel free to share a bit of story around it: do you recognize the submerged feeling when working on it? What brought you to the idea of your sign? How does it relate to it's position? Or, for instance, what came first: the sign or the mod/moc where it is placed on?

Re: Brick-a-sign! Show your signs!

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 6:31 pm
by Klemmbaustelle
Oh wow, that is so intricate, and I must admit that I have no such signs share. Anyway, good job, and thanks for sharing your techniques!