Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on #Brickstow community. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General

    1. As a citizen of Brickstow and surrounding cities we ask you to:
      • ..behave as a minifig should behave!
      • ..leave out bad language
      • ..follow the directions of the Brickstow moderation team
      When you follow these, you may:
      • ..go nuts on posting your LEGO stuff
      • ..interact with all the others!
      • the active minifig you once set out to become!
    2. Your profile

      You have your own profile on Time to play dress-up! A few things that are important to explain about the profiel functionality:

      Set up a profile can be done via social media, and you can connect them later on a created account.

      1. Signatures have a character limit which will automatically will prevent you from using to much space. Keep your text within 6 lines. For images in your profile the following constraints apply: max height 60 pixels, max width 600pixels. If you use more than one image, these constraints apply for all images together.*
      2. User Rank is displayed under your profile picture. Your rank depends on your post count and are added automatically.
      3. Awards are also displayed uder your profile picture. These also depend from your post count and are added automatically.
      4. My flair is personal for you to use! You can edit these yourself, go to Profile > Edit profile > Manage flair on regular bases to check if new flair is available to choose from!

      All other profile options are displayed within the profile editor.

      *Small tip: you can simply edit pictures to meet the constraints on the online photoshop tool "Pixlr" > visit #
    3. Starting new topics
      When you are sure the subject (brick, set, event) is not already adressed as a topic by someone else (check via the search engine) you may start any topic you want!

      As a member you are able to access the None of the Above board, listed at the bottom of the index page. For everything non-lego!

      Reply to topics
      As a member you can reply to every topic you have access to!

      Double-posting within 24 hours is not allowed on this board. If your post/reply is the latest one in a topic and you want to add something, please use the edit function. (The little LEGO pen shown above right to your post/reply :mrgreen: )

      Stuff your topic or reply with graphical awesomeness!
      As a member you can share photos by clicking the "Add image to post"-function shown bottom left on the editor screen.
      As a member you can share most videos on the internet by using the media-tag:

      Code: Select all

      [media]<VIDEO SHARE URL HERE>[/media]

      Prevent sh*tposting
      This community is not for any "chan"-posters. If you want to rant on anything non-LEGO, go somewhere else. This little part of the internet is sophisticated, anyone acting otherwise will be disattached from his legs and gets thrown out to the curb. #
    4. Posting leaks is not allowed..
      Although we are an independant community, we do not want to get in a legal battle with LEGO and/or parties with licensed properties. This is just a hobby for us. For this reason it is NOT allowed to post any leaked pictures (from social media like Instagram for example) on the forum. We know these exist, Brickstow is just not the place to spread them. Posts containing leaks will be removed quickly.

      ..but sometimes..
      However, you can post pictures of unreleased sets if:
      • LEGO has made an official announcement and released pictures,
      • You made a picture yourself from a set that was up for sale in a store or you have bought the set from a regular retailer,
      • You spotted the pictures on the website of a(n online) retailer.
      It's also ok if another LEGO fansite has discovered pictures this way. We do however prefer links instead of posting pictures in this case. And of course mentioning your source is always required. #
    5. About ad blockers
      This website is free for every a- and tfol to use! The Brickstow team chose to start it and with that we are most happy to pay for hosting et cetera. It helps us to lower costs if you would turn off your ad blocker sometimes. So if you do, AWESOME! #
  • About

    1. Image
      The website is created to..
      1. ..display content from the Brickstow team
      2. ..display content of all the community members
      Everyone is able to influence the content shown on the landing page known as
      • New posts and topics from the non-closed part of the community will appear in the Hot!-section
      • You can influence the Impressions-section by competing for a display spot in various official contests
      Our main purpose is to facilitate an awesome LEGO community online! Unlike the social platforms where your shares are very temporarily 'cause timelines, this platform offers you staticness exactly where you want it. It also gives you the space to interact deeply with others about your hobby. Nice, ey?

      The logo
      The 1x1 is created by OpenClipArt
      The logo is created by member Squid Animations with the use of the webstockreview website.

      Any Google advertisement income will be invested back into this community.
      Content you share will remain your content. However, images you share are stored at Please check their terms of use before posting your pictures. This does not apply to videos, they will always stay within the internet application (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo et cetera) you have used to upload them.

      All the above also applies to, and as they all redirect to #
  • Official contests

    1. Official Contests

      The Brickstow team randomly offer a wide range of "official" contests. If so, this happens in the Contests board.

      Competing in such a contest is totally up to you! The official contests will always be very clear about what there is to gain with winning. Mostly it is just for fun, sometimes it can be something of value. If your parents have questions about this, please ask them to contact the site admin JackBrick. This can be done via the Private Message function in your User Control Panel. Click here to compose a private message.

      We will never ask you to donate anything while participating, nothing valuable and nothing private. If you do get such a request, it is not initiated by the Brickstow Team and it would be nice if you would inform us of such abuse. Things you can expect from us in the official contests are mostly limited to:
      • Photos of something made out of your own LEGO bricks
      • Activities done digitally within the community
      • Sharing about how awesome this community really is!
      It is always your choice to participate and your choice to opt out of a contest.

      It is possible that there is something physical to win. If that is the case, and you win the contest, it is nescessary for us to get some information to know were to send your contest reward. If this is the case, we will send you an e-mail for you to reply to. In that way you never have to store any of your private information in our database. #
  • Sharing ads

    1. Sharing ads
      This works quite simple, it works like the oldskool link sharing. If you are an active community member you can get some free and customized ad space on the community pages! Think about a link banner to your Youtube channel or Instagram. All we want in return is you sharing about your Brickstow community experience with your audience once in a while.

      Once set up you will be able to see some statistics about the ad such as clicks in your User Profile.

      Contact JackBrick for more info. #