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Brickstow is one of those rare cities made entirely out of LEGO bricks. This website facilitates the #AFOL community and together we collect everything you need to know about Brickstow and surrounding LEGO cities! Curious? Read more!

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Brickstow.com is all about LEGO!

Brickstow is a LEGO city. This website is its digital twin. Brickstow as a LEGO city is part of a worldwide network of LEGO cities, towns and countryside.

You can connect your LEGO city into this digital dimension! Join our online community and deeply interact about your city, your builds, events you have visited, in short: everything you know about LEGO!

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You are very welcome in our city #Brickstow and the nearest little town of #Brickberrysprings. If this is your first visit, get ready to be awesomed!

A bit of history. Brickstow inherits its name from the actual city of Barstow, located in California, US. Barstow plays a tiny role in one of the Fast and the Furious movies. It is the home town of Roman Pearce, a destruction derby racer with who the main character Brian O'connor grew up.

Brickberry Springs got its name from the nearby town of Newberry Springs. It has a nice ring to it, does it not?

We are big fans of the movies. In the second movie Roman yells "It's Barstow baby, ha ha!" in one of the chase scenes. And Jack Brick could not resist the urge to yell "It's Brickstow baby, ha ha!" while walking into the LEGO room. It is how this all started in 2018.

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